The Iroquois

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A technological wonder in itself the PS-13 (Iroquois) engine was produced by the Orenda Engine division of Avro Canada.
  It also was a machine of firsts'. It was a 3-stage axial, low pressure compressor, driven by a single stage turbine; and a seven-stage, high pressure compressor driven by a two stage turbine. It was the first to use a transonic first stage in the low pressure compressor, and it was constructed in such a way that only two bearings supported the two rotor assemblies!
   The engine produced an incredible 19,350 lbs. dry thrust and 26,000 lbs. on afterburner. Acceleration was unbelievable for an engine in test, idle to full thrust in 2.8 seconds and idle to afterburner stabilized in 4.5 seconds. It achieved a 5 to 1 power to weight ratio.
   After over 5,000 bench test hours, the PS-13 was ready for flight testing. The USAF trained a Canadian civilian crew and lent Avro a B-47 bomber for the flight testing. The B-47 was the only aircraft large enough to "attach" the engine and nacelle to it's fuselage for the testing.
   When the aircraft was returned to the USAF, it's wings were cut off and the rest of the plane cut up and smelted.?? FYI: France had ordered over 300 PS-13 engines for it's Mirage fighter.



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