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C.Eng. P.Eng, F.R.Ae.S.. F.C.A.S.I.. F.A.I.A.A.

   Mr. Chancellor, The "Avro Arrow" has been a recurring focus of Canadian public attention during the past half century. Frequently overlooked, in the now almost mythical status of the "Arrow" story, is the contribution made to the growth and reputation of Canada's aviation industry by the individuals responsible for the aircrafts design and manufacture. It is one of these, James C. Floyd, whom we honour today.

    Following several years of training and experience with the English parent company, which included significant contributions to the design of the "Avro Lancaster", Mr. Floyd came to A.V. Roe Canada Limited in 1946 as Chief Design Engineer. His ensuing involvement, ultimately as Vice-President Engineering, in the design and development of the "Jetliner", "CF-100" and "Arrow" aircraft, over a period which is viewed by many as the golden age of the Canadian aviation industry, exhibited in full measure not only his sound engineering judgment but also, and equally importantly, his ability to create, inspire and lead a large and highly competent technical staff. These attributes are brought into sharp focus by realization of the ground breaking nature of the "Arrow" project and, also, by the rapidity with which his subordinates gained senior appointments in Canadian and foreign aviation organizations upon the termination of the project in 1959. Mr. Floyd returned to England shortly after this event and was engaged in projects related to high-speed flight, including the development of the "Concorde" prior to his retiring to Canada in 1980.

  Mr. Floyd's career has been marked by the receipt of many honours and awards, notably the Society of Automotive Engineers Wright Brothers Medal, the George Taylor Medal of the Royal Aeronautical Society and the J.D. McCurdy Award from the Canadian Aeronautical Institute; few individuals have achieved more consistent success and recognition in their chosen professions. It is, then, Mr. Chancellor, with pride and deep respect that the Senate of this College presents to you James C. Floyd, an aeronautical engineer of international reputation, whose technical, management and leadership skills have been of lasting benefit to the Canadian and world aviation industries, that he may receive, at your hand, the degree of Doctor of Engineering, honoris causa.
On behalf of the Senate of the College
Kingston, Ontario 19 May 2000
R The Hon. Arthur C. Eggleton, Minister of National Defence
and Chancellor of the Royal Military College of Canada, presents
Jim Floyd with Doctor of Engineering degree, honoris causa.
May 19th. 2000. Photo RMC


  James C. (Jim) Floyd was involved in the aerospace industry for the whole of his working life, spanning more than half a century and aircraft designs ranging from biplanes to supersonic transports and space vehicles. In his early days he worked with two of the great British aircraft designers, Sir Sydney Camm on the Hurricane and Roy Chadwick on the Anson, the famous Lancaster bomber, the York transport, the Lincoln and other designs, becoming Chief Project Engineer in 1944.

  He came to Canada in February 1946 to join the newly formed A.V.Roe Canada company (Avro) at Malton Ontario, initially as Chief Design Engineer in charge of the C 102 Jetliner project, then Chief Engineer in charge of all Avro projects, including the CF 100 fighter and the CF 105 Arrow project. He was appointed Vice-president Engineering in 1955.

  After the cancellation of the Arrow project he established his own international aviation consulting company and made contributions to many state-of-the-art projects worldwide. He was consultant to the British Ministry of Technology on the Concorde project from 1965 to 1972.

  In 1950 he became the first non-American recipient of the Wright Bros. Medal for his work on jet transport technology, specifically the design of the Avro Canada Jetliner, the world's first regional jet passenger aircraft. In 1957 he received the J.D.McCurdy Award for his work on the CF 100 and CF 105 (Arrow) fighter aircraft. For his work on supersonic transport design he was awarded the Royal Aeronautical Society's George Taylor Gold Medal in 1962.

  Other awards include a Lifetime of Achievement Award from the Air Industries Association of Canada, 1988, and the Companionship of the Order of Flight from the City of Edmonton 1993. He holds Fellowships in the Royal Aeronautical Society, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute.

  For many years he was Chairman and later Patron of the Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Canada and a director of the International Hypersonic Research Institute in the United States.

  He was inducted into Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame in 1993.

J.C.FLOYD--List of main Honours, Awards, Medals, Fellowships etc..

1950 Wright Bros. Medal SAE-United States Struck in Gold, as first award ever outside U.S.
1955 Fellowship Royal Aeronautical Society  
1955 Fellowship CDN Aero and Space Institute  
1957 J.D.McCurdy Award CDN Aero and Space Institute  
1962 George Taylor Gold Medal Royal Aeronautical Society For supersonic a/c design papers.
1963 Fellowship A.I.A.A.  
1979 Certificate of Honour CDN Av. Hist. Society Signed by former Avro colleagues.
1984 Special Citation A.I.A.A.  
(Plaque in name of J.C.Floyd signed by Mission Commander Vance Brant and carried on US Shuttle Challenger Mission 41B on Feb 3 to Feb 11 1984.)
1988 Appointed Director of International Hypersonic Research Institute (This work later taken over by NASA)
1988 Lifetime of Achievement Award--Air Industries Association of Canada
1993 Companionship of the Order of Flight--City of Edmonton
1993 Testimonial Dinner and Award from Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Canada.
1993 Inducted into Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame--Alberta.
2000 Awarded honorary degree--Doctor of Engineering, from Royal Military College.
2009 Awarded Canadian Air and Space Pioneer Award
  60th Anniversary of the Jetliner first flight dinner at CASM
  AIAC Aerospace Industries Assoc of Canada meeting in Celebration of Canadian Centennial of Powered Flight
  AIAA (US) Emeritus Lifetime Member "Life-Long support of the Aerospace Profession"

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