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Fuselage Centre Section - the key section - for Arrow number one is seen being lowered on to its marry-up handling trolley for transfer to the main assembly jig for inner wing installation.
Completing the delta planform, the starboard outer wing section is carefully married-up to the inner wing which houses a landing gear unit equipped with two wheels, tandem mounted


by Fred Lawrence

UNVEILING the Avro Arrow at today's ceremony culminates many months of intensive effort on the part of all departments in the company's manufacturing division. In conjunction with the Engineering Division, they have transcribed a calculated theory into a machine which Allied Air Power experts have publicly recognized as an extremely advanced type of airplane.
     With full realization of the important role that this airplane will be required to perform, the manufacturing policy from the start has been predicated on producing the best possible product for the purpose intended, consistent with efficient tooling and fabricating methods. The impact of the complex Arrowprogram on the facilities of the Manufacturing Division has been unique in Canada, from both the point of view of physical plant requirements, and the development of new, and in some cases previously untried, production methods and machines.
    Some highlights of this impact are related here in an attempt to show how a highly skilled labour force, following practical and efficient methods, has successfully produced Canada's first supersonic jet interceptor which was released today from the production stage.
     With the release of preliminary Engineering information on the Arrow, the Industrial Engineering Department swung into action preparing Manufacturing's master schedule. This key undertaking provided the exact dates on which each phase of the Arrow manufacturing program would be completed, thus providing an uninterrupted flow of parts and assemblies into the finished aircraft. Preparation of such a complex schedule demanded a very precise analysis of manpower, machine and facility capacities-particularly when no comparative records of a similar production performance at Avro existed at this stage.


From Paper to Hardware
From the completed master schedule, detailed programs for machine and sheet metal parts were prepared, followed in turn by sub-assembly and major assembly schedules. Again from the master schedule, came man hour requirementswhich when transcribed into numbers of personnel, permitted the smooth, pre-planned release of manpower from the CF-100 program to the expanding Arrow production line in accordance with a company policy of maintaining a continuous level of employment during the changeover.
    Evidence of the successful pre-planning of the Arrow program, is reflected today in the completed aircraft which was fabricated and assembled in less than two and one half years from the date of the first design release. In addition, the first: Arrow's man-hours-per-pound ratio is approximately 80% of projects of similar size and complexity throughout the aviation industry in North America.
     Industrial Engineering was responsible also for instigating cost control procedures to ensure that all phases of the program were completed in line with allocated funds.Where shortages of tooling or production facilities made it necessary to sub-contract the building of parts, the same economic control was exercised on stages, a time study analysis was maintained over each operation so that established records of performance and capacity are now available for future production.
     To Plant Engineering fell the task of providing additional floor space requirements, as well as the installation and maintenance of the new equipment required.
     Over 176,000 sq. ft. of additional floor space was provided for the Arrow program, including space for the new 15,000- ton rubber forming press; the Canefco heat treat furnace, and test facilities for the Engineering Division. In addition, much of the existing floor area required special preparation to accommodate a variety of new equipment. As a matter of fact, variety sections of the plant were shifted completely to allow best space utilization of the new equipment. The former Process Room in Bay 2 for instance
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Master models of all skinned sections of the Arrow-Basic forming tools for contour accuracy.
Harry Beffort, left, special co-ordinator, Arrow assembly operations, discusses Arrow's progress with Duke Riggs, Production Shop Manager.
Initial stages of final assembly-skin is rivetted on centre section; inner wings are installed.

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