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Selling New Aircraft Design
Is Delicate Merchandizing

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ord various phases of the program. The movies are prepared by the Photographic Department in co operation with the Writing Section.      The Parts Department of Sales and Service maintains the supply of adequate spares to the customer. From an early design stage, this department, in close co-operation with the RCAF has been analyzing Arrow provisioning requirements. Each part of the aircraft is reviewed and the service life of parts under various o~crating conditions assessed. When all factors have been studied, the necessary quantity of spare parts is ordered by the RCAF, either from Avro or from the component manufacturer.
     All Company spares are prepared

for transit by the Parts Department. They are scientifically packed to ensure arrival undamaged at their destination, and to remain serviceable during their shelf life under any climatic conditions.



Cover design on this issue was drawn by Ed Dyke of the Illustrating Section, Sales and Service. Whereas the perspective of the cover picture may appear exaggerated to the layman, it is, in fact, an optically accurate view from immediately under the pointed nose of the Arrow.

Pays Tribute To Arrow Contributors
           Who Made Today's Rollout Possible

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"In this connection I would like to pay tribute to my colleagues, Mr. J. C. Floyd, Vice-President of Engineering and Mr, H. R. Smith, Vice-President of Manufacturing, who have headed up their teams so admirably.
"I would also like to pay tribute to the Canadian government agencies with whom we have worked so closely, and who have made such great contributions to this project. In particular, of course, I refer to the Royal Canadian Air Force, and to its staff of able technicians and engineers.
"I would also like to make mention of the National Research Council, who have assisted in many technical areas, and particularly in the use of their wind tunnel and other test facilities.

DDP Helpful Partner
"The Department of Defence Production has also been a most helpful partner in this undertaking, and is ever ready to assist with our problems which arise in the sphere of their responsibility.
"The Defence Research Board has likewise contributed its assistance in advice on technical problems, and greatly assisted the very important free flight model test programme which was carried out at one of their facilities.
"We also wish to say `thank you' to the United States Air Force and to the National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics for the co-operation and assistance which they have always been so free in offering.

"Whereas the Arrow is an Avro product, and whereas we are responsible for the overall design and manufacture of the aircraft, we could be considered, let us say, as the captain of a team of hundreds of suppliers and sub-contractors who, together with us, did this job.

"There are many companies who have made outstanding technical contributions in the design, development and manufacture of all types of equipment and material for the aircraft. To them I wish to expressour deep appreciation and gratitude. The first aeroplane which you will see today, and the next few development aircraft will be powered with the Pratt & Whitney J.75 engine. However, the ultimate engine to power the balance of the development aircraft, and all the production aircraft, is the recently unveiled Iroquois, designed by our associate company, Orenda Engines Limited.

"As we have been creating the Arrow, they have been creating the Iroquois. This engine too represents a milestone in Canadian industrial accomplishment, and it is the thrust of this engine on which the very advanced performance of the Arrow will depend.

"At the close of this ceremony, the aircraft will be taken to the flight test hanger for flight preparation, which will involve exhaustive testing and the installation of extensive, specialized instrumentation. The flight date of the aircraft will depend on the problems which will have to be dealt with during this phase of the programme and, consequently, it is difficult to foretell. We are hopeful, however, that the aircraft will make its first flight before the end of the year.

Flight Test Program

"Behind this first aircraft there are other development aircraft in various stages of completion, and all of which will be subjected to an extensive and time consuming flight test and development programme.     We know that, like all other aircraft of this type, where one is constantly probing the unknown, we will encounter many problems and setbacks and it will not be until this exhaustive testing is successfully concluded and until the development phase of the programme has been accomplished, that it will be able to see service in the squadrons of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

"The CF100, which is currently in production for the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Belgian Air Force, was created,designed, developed and produced here at Malton. We like to feel that that aircraft has played an important role in the defence of our country and has contributed to NATO. It is our fervent hope that, in due course, the Arrow will make the same contribution in the supersonic era in service with the Royal Canadian Air Force and with the air forces of other allied countries.

"In closing, I would like to again thank the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Government of Canada for affording us the opportunity of designing both of these aircraft, and for entrusting to us this responsibility, of which we are so deeply conscious."

Precision Keynotes All Arrow Tooling

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for the processing of the many lar e pieces of material required for Arrow part manufacturing. Immediately below the hot air circulating furnace, which is mounted on legs, is a 20-foot-long quench bath. This set-up means a minimum of time is spent in the transfer of material from the furnace to the quench.

To meet strength specifications where parts were joined together with the metal bondin technique, an autoclave pressure camber was installed. Where metal bonding of materials is used on the Arrow it gives a high degree of adhesive strength as well as a weight saving factor due to the elimination of rivets and other dowel-type fasteners.

Due to the weight of many of the Arrow components, and the accuracy required in their assembly, a final assembly fixture was provided so that all of the large components could be brought together accurately at one stage.

Methods to establish working flexibility of assembly jigs were developed along with standardization of jig fixtures where possible which added to a more efficient tooling program.

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